$WEN Sheds Extra Than Half of Its Value as $GFOX Hype Grows Stronger

$WEN Sheds Extra Than Half of Its Value as $GFOX Hype Grows Stronger

Matt Williams
Matt Williams
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As one of the most tip Solana-basically based meme money, $WEN won quite rather a lot of consideration before its airdrop. The expectation drove the memecoin’s label to rise hasty after its originate. Nevertheless, precise as soon as its label rose, it plunged, losing more than half of its rate within the course of.

Meanwhile, Galaxy Fox ($GFOX), a brand fresh ICO crypto, has been gaining traction, elevating more than $3.2 million within the last few weeks. Continue studying to learn why $GFOX has been listed as one of the most most productive meme money to purchase in 2024.


$WEN Token Plummets No subject Huge Token Burn

The $WEN forex change into established in accordance with an inflow of memecoins on the Solana network. Within the remainder year, one of the most most productive meme money to purchase have been launched on the Solana network, including BONK, dogwifhat ($WIF), and Myro.

Consequently, there change into quite rather a lot of enjoyment referring to the $WEN airdrop. The airdrop change into originate to over one million wallets, which fueled curiosity within the belief. Quickly after the airdrop, the $WEN token label elevated by more than 35%.

Nevertheless, on the weekly chart, the Wen token’s label has dropped by more than 50%. From its all-time high of $0.0001808, $WEN has fallen by more than 70%, trading within the $0.00004500 range.


Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) Hype Grows As Commence Date Approaches

The transient rise and descend of $WEN have pushed crypto investors to projects with more utility, love Galaxy Fox ($GFOX). There has been quite rather a lot of hype spherical Galaxy Fox for the reason that project change into launched to take care of the considerations that have limited the adoption of meme money.

While meme money are frequently accused for having no utility, Galaxy Fox has addressed this order with a blockchain gaming ambiance. Working in two top crypto sectors has made the ERC20 coin, $GFOX, one of the most productive meme money to purchase now. On this immersive, hyperrealistic P2E sport, gamers will embark on adventurous journeys and fulfill missions all the way via masses of charming worlds.

This action-packed accelerate will originate up with every participant’s particular fox NFT character. Galaxy Fox also has one of the most coolest NFT collections. These NFTs are constructed-in without prolong into the sport, serving as power boosters and giving characters power.

Finishing challenges and varied desires for the duration of the sport will attend gamers pass up the intergalactic leaderboard. The Galaxy Fox ecosystem also includes a merchandise store, one of the most most productive NFTs to purchase, and a if reality be told perfect tokenomics model. Dogecoin has a limitless supply, but Shiba Inu has over 589 trillion tokens in circulation.

There’ll most productive ever be 5 billion $GFOX money.As well to to the limited supply, the Galaxy Fox team has included a deflationary belief in $GFOX. This skill that after the quantity of $GFOX decreases, the cost will rise. Already, $GFOX has elevated by 200% in most up-to-date weeks, trading at $0.00198. Nevertheless, because the project approaches originate, crypto experts quiz a 25x imprint bigger, making it one of the most productive meme coin to purchase.

Closing Thoughts

The fast rise and decline of the $WEN token highlights why many crypto investors are transferring to $GFOX. With a platform that has the capability to be the next mammoth part within the meme coin sector, now is the most productive time to stack $GFOX tokens before they develop to be a blue-chip crypto project.

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