Mini Review: Beast Breaker

Beast Breaker locations you within the function of Skipper, a courageous little mouse who’s tasked with killing large (properly, to a mouse anyway…) beasts that threaten the peaceable lives of the cities and settlements populated by different lovable animals. You accomplish that by participating with gameplay which is one half pinball recreation, one half strategic RPG, which proves to be a surprisingly glorious pairing with a number of fascinating concepts. The main aim of every battle is to kill one other large crystalline monster, every of which is comprised of a sequence of interconnected components with their very own well being bars. Only destroying certainly one of these components—the core—will kill the monster outright, however you usually don’t have a straight shot or must chip away at different components earlier than you will get to it.

Skipper is given a restricted variety of actions per flip, and also you then choose from a menu of assaults that often lead to him flinging himself towards the beast and bouncing off its crystalline disguise at excessive pace. You’re given an indicator of the place is preliminary trajectory will go, however Skipper usually bounces off a number of surfaces earlier than coming to a cease. An efficient flip, then, is one the place you line issues up simply in order that he hits a number of surfaces directly, however you additionally should take his terminal level into consideration, too. Each flip, a purple zone is marked out on the sector indicating the place the monster will strike, and in case you end a flip in that zone, Skipper takes a success and loses well being.

It sounds simplistic at first, however this gameplay rapidly exhibits itself to have loads of depth. There are different weapons to make use of, like a bow or a hammer, and every weapon sort has a special loadout to vary up your playstyle. Then there’s the truth that sure actions will construct up “Charge” which is a restricted useful resource that you just spend to make use of the extra highly effective skills in your moveset. Plus, each struggle is precipitated by a short 4X-style interface the place you navigate a small board and search for assets to present you a bonus in battle whereas the beast stalks quietly across the map. It doesn’t take lengthy for what initially looks as if a simplistic recreation to point out off that it has a lot extra ambition than you might suppose.

Fortunately, the presentation proves to be simply as well-executed because the gameplay, going for an aesthetic that appears vaguely flash game-like however has loads of persona. Character portraits are usually expressive and cute, whereas the gameplay interface is intuitive and doesn’t get too slowed down in drowning you with particulars.

Beast Breaker is the epitome of a hidden gem, and we might extremely suggest you give it a shot. Like its major character this recreation could also be small, but it surely proves to be exceedingly efficient at what it units out to do. Creative, participating gameplay and a stunning quantity of depth mix to make for an expertise that will shock at simply how a lot it hooks you.

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