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Tesla Will Have Revenue Than GM in 2022

GM outdated about 447,000 automobiles from July by means of September, down 32.8% from a yr earlier when gross sales volumes have been depressed because of the coronavirus pandemic. This seemingly implies that GM made $23 billion in quarterly income as an alternative of $34 billion.

The chip scarcity has precipitated GM to shutter crops for weeks, if not months, and in addition partially produce automobiles which might be in excessive demand similar to its full-size pickup vehicles to then end when chips change into obtainable.

Tesla offered 241,000 automobiles within the third quarter and made about $14 billion in income within the third quarter. Tesla is on monitor to about 900,000 to 950,000 automobiles for 2021 and the fourth quarter must be one other enormous one with China ramping and two new factories beginning.

Tesla will open the 2 new gigafactories in Berlin and Austin within the fourth quarter of 2021. The Tesla Shanghai manufacturing unit is ramping in the direction of 1 million automobiles per yr in 2022.

The chip scarcity has hit legacy automakers exhausting. GM down virtually 33%, Ford down an identical quantity, Toyota, Volkswagen are all producing fewer automobiles. The chip scarcity is predicted to final by means of 2022 and probably into 2024.

GM had $120 billion in income in 2020 which was down from $137 billion in 2019. They had recovered to $65 billion for the primary half of 2021 however are getting hit exhausting in Q3 and This autumn. GM might have one other yr with about $115billion to $120 billion in annual income in 2021. This might repeat in 2022.

Tesla with 300,000 automobiles in This autumn 2021 would have about $20 billion in quarterly income.

Tesla quarterly manufacturing and income for 2022 must be

Q1 2022 370,000 automobiles and $27 billion in quarterly income
Q2 2022 410,000 automobiles and $31 billion in quarterly income
Q3 2022 500,000 automobiles and $37 billion in quarterly income
This autumn 2022 560,000 automobiles and $40 billion in quarterly income

GM is just not rising and would do properly to return to $130 billion in annual income and $35 billion per quarter.

Written By Brian Wang, (Brian owns shares of Tesla)

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