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A glance again into record-breaking 2020 mei-yu rainfall and flooding all through China

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During summer time 2020, heavy precipitation affected a good portion of China and East and South Asia. The Yangtze River basin bore the brunt of intensive flooding, which precipitated lack of lives, appreciable property harm and prompted thousands and thousands of individuals to maneuver to larger floor. To higher perceive why annual “mei-yu” situations started earlier and ended later than regular, Dr. Ambrogio Volonté and his workforce from the University of Reading targeted on particular atmospheric dynamics all through China’s Yangtze River area that contributed to such an uncommon season. They have simply revealed their analysis and findings in in Advances in Atmospheric Sciences.

“The quantity of rainfall in June and July 2020 within the basin was larger than within the earlier 20 years, and anomalously excessive in most sub-basins, with comparable outcomes making use of to river discharge,” mentioned Dr. Mark Muetzelfeldt, a most important contributor in Volonté’s examine.

Results present that the East Asian Summer Monsoon entrance performed a dominant position bringing frequent persistent precipitation to the Yangtze River basin. Typically, the entrance progresses farther north throughout early summer time. However, in 2020, the entrance stalled south of its traditional place, resulting in an extended mei-yu season with a number of multi-day rain occasions all through many of the river valley.

Researchers analyzed two 5-day heavy precipitation episodes throughout this prolonged mei-yu season. Warm monsoonal and funky continental air lots continuously converged over the area, as advised by the weird frontal place. Upper air circulation additionally performed a task, with sample variations affecting the air mass steadiness transferring towards the entrance at decrease ranges. This precipitated the 2 heavy rain occasions to develop with completely different depth and in numerous areas alongside the river valley.

The full examine gives extra in-depth statistics ensuing from the historic summer time 2020 mei-yu rainfall. Researchers additionally showcase a number of evaluation instruments that they developed particularly to check comparable high-precipitation seasonal occasions.

More info:
Ambrogio Volonté et al, Magnitude, Scale, and Dynamics of the 2020 Mei-yu Rains and Floods over China, Advances in Atmospheric Sciences (2021). DOI: 10.1007/s00376-021-1085-z

A glance again into record-breaking 2020 mei-yu rainfall and flooding all through China (2021, October 4)
retrieved 5 October 2021

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