Where are Peyton and Eli Manning on ‘Monday Night Football’? Imagining their Chargers-Raiders conversations

“Monday Night Football” boasted a pair of intriguing contenders to shut Week 4, with the Chargers enjoying host to the Raiders in a conflict of high-flying AFC West front-runners. What it didn’t supply, nevertheless, was everybody’s new favourite prime-time duo: Peyton and Eli Manning, who debuted their very own ESPN2 broadcast in the course of the first three weeks of the season.

Where have been the Manning brothers for the Chargers-Raiders sport? Sitting at dwelling. Or at a bar. Or someplace, simply not of their typical “cubicles.” Why? Because they’re solely contracted to do 10 “Monday Night Football” broadcasts this season, and they also’re taking a break till Week 7, when the Seahawks play host to the Saints on Oct. 25.

If you are caught there sitting somberly, questioning the way you’re gonna make it till near Halloween with out your fill of Peyton and Eli on “Monday Night Football,” fret not. Because we took a while to think about what their conversations would possibly’ve seemed like in the course of the first half of this week’s contest between the Chargers and Raiders. Please observe that not one of the following conversations are actual. Repeat: They are made up. But for those who’re determined for Manning Brothers content material, this could do:

Lightning delay

Peyton: You cannot be severe. We’re getting phrase that the sport shall be delayed till … 8:55 Eastern, they’re saying … due to lightning. We’re speaking about an indoor constructing, people. Last I checked, lightning does not journey by way of the roof.

Eli: Are you certain about that?

Peyton: Yes, Eli, I’m certain. But that is what we’re listening to, a delayed begin. Wow. And they’re protecting the TV crews on the sphere!

Eli: Maybe as a result of they don’t seem to be carrying helmets?

Peyton: This is why I’m pissed off by this, I’ve to spend one other half-hour with you.

Uniform combos

Eli: You know, one factor I’m noticing whereas we anticipate the kickoff is these uniforms. What do you suppose, Peyton, are these the nicest jerseys we have seen to this point this yr?

Peyton: Oh little doubt. In truth, it nearly makes me a bit of jealous. You know, all these years carrying the Colts blue, you do not get a ton of selection with that one.

Eli: No you do not. And we did not have it a lot better in New York.

Peyton: Don’t fear, you’ll’ve made these look dangerous, too.

Hunter Renfrow’s sort out

Eli: Oh! Did you see that?!

Peyton: Oh my candy Elway, was {that a} sort out. I imply, if I’m Jon Gruden, I’m utilizing that movie to show my safeties how you can deliver a man down, each week, for the remainder of the season. Pulls out whiteboard to attract up Renfrow’s path to the ball.

Eli: Starts dressing up as Hunter Renfrow to outdo Peyton’s diagram. Can’t get the helmet off afterward, so retakes his seat in full gear.

Peyton: Eli, the place did you get the Raiders helmet, by the best way? Are you able to share this story?

Eli: Maybe later, Peyton.

Peyton: Did Jon offer you a name final yr? Are you able to share this?

Eli: Later.

Darren Waller taunting

Peyton: Oh my, are they actually gonna name this right here? They are. Darren Waller has the audacity to get excited after his huge catch, and that is a penalty on the Raiders.

Eli: Oof. That’s tough.

Peyton: That’s ridiculous. Horseradish.

Eli: I believe you most likely celebrated tougher than that once you performed.

Peyton: Darren, you ship us no matter invoice is coming your approach, and Eli and I’ll pay that for you.

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