Mario Golf: Super Rush Version 3.0.0 Is Now Live, Here Are The Full Patch Notes

Mario Golf: Super Rush was a bit mild on content material at launch, however Nintendo and Camelot have enhanced the expertise with a lot of free updates. The newest one arrived earlier this week and bumps the sport as much as Version 3.0.0.

It contains two new characters, two new playable programs, extra enhancements and changes, and basic adjustments.

Here are the total patch notes, courtesy of Nintendo’s official help web page:

Ver. 3.0.0 (Released September 23, 2021)

  • “Koopa Troopa” added to Playable Characters
    • Koopa Troopa has been added as a playable character to select from in Matches. He has very excessive Spin and Speed stats.
    • His Special Dash has capabilities not seen in these of different characters.
      • During the Special Dash, you should utilize the L keep on with freely change the course of motion. You also can use the A button to leap.
      • During the Special Dash, you may also transfer throughout the floor of the water, however your Stamina consumption will enhance.
      • As lengthy as Stamina stays, you’ll be able to enter your shell, and proceed Special Dashing
      • Pressing the L button throughout a Special Dash will allow you to interrupt your Special Dash at any time.
      • If your Special Dash hits different gamers, you’ll speed up much more.
    • This Special Shot has a brand new skill to bounce on the bottom, and the variety of occasions it bounces relies on the space. While bouncing, it has the power to blow different balls away.
  • “Ninji” added to Playable Characters
    • Ninji has been added as a playable character to select from in Matches. He has the very best Speed stat of all characters.
    • During his Special Dash, you’ll be able to glide together with your cloak. The first time you land from a glide, you’ll be able to bounce forward, even on the floor of the water.
    • His Special Shot, like Koopa Troopa’s, has a brand new skill to bounce on the bottom, with the variety of bounces relying on the space traveled. While bouncing, it has the power to blow away different balls.
  • “Blustery Basin” added to Playable Courses
    • Blustery Basin, a snow-themed course, has been added as a playable golf course.
    • In addition to Ty-foos and Snow Pokeys, a brand new stage impediment, “Cooligans”, have additionally been added.
    • When the local weather shift “Blizzards” happen, the wind shall be stronger than common and the ball gained’t journey as simply. Take not of the position of bunkers and icy ponds.
  • “Spiky Palms” added to Playable Courses
    • Spiky Palms, a desert-themed course at nightfall, has been added as a playable golf course.
    • In addition to Pokeys, and tornadoes, a brand new stage impediment, “Spike”, has additionally been added.
    • When the local weather shift “rain” happens, shot journey can lower, and the run could undergo as nicely. The trick is to hit the ball a little bit more durable than common.
  • Addition of “CPU Skill”
    • The CPU Skill can now be chosen from “Amateur”, “Pro”, and “Champ”.
  • Adjustments to Ranked Matches
    • Starting with the October 2021 Ranked Match, the foundations for “Standard Golf” have been modified from “Special Shots On” to “Special Shots Off”.
    • Courses will now change each half-hour, versus each 60 minutes.
    • If you forfeit all three holes, the factors you earn, together with the participation bonus, shall be zero.
  • General Changes
    • In Online Play, for the choices “Standard Golf” and “All at Once”, if a participant fails to hole-in inside one minute in any case different gamers have holed-in, they’re handled as in the event that they’ve given up—as is the case in Speed Golf.
    • Fixed a bug in Golf Adventure’s XC Standard Round that appeared to permit gamers to take a route aside from crossing to the opposite facet with a twister when “Restart from First Hole” was chosen.
    • Fixed a bug in New Donk City’s Amateur placement on Hole 13, the place if a participant had gotten a hole-in-one after hitting the parasol, one stroke can be added to their rating.
    • Adjusted some collision detection for buildings and different objects positioned in New Donk City.
    • Adjusted CPU conduct for New Donk City.
    • Fixed a bug the place animation and voice weren’t matching-up in the course of the rating show for Ranked Matches.
    • Fixed a bug the place Daisy’s voice and animations weren’t matching up when she hit a bogey.
    • Made a number of different fixes, and changes to recreation steadiness to enhance enjoyment and playability.

If you are desirous to study extra about this newest replace, then make sure to try our personal verdict. Have you tried it out but? What are your ideas thus far? Leave a remark down under.

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