Sailing as a minimum of the phantasm of escape

Hagen Engler

Buying a ship and braving the seas appears like a nice escape from the realities of South Africa, however for now the Joburg summer season is retaining Hagen Engler proper right here.

Sailors take part within the annual long-distance dhow crusing race, generally known as al-Gaffal, close to Sir Abu Nuair island in the direction of Dubai, on June 4, 2021. (Photo by Karim SAHIB / AFP)

I smashed again the curtains and sunshine poured into my flat. I opened the Trellidor and strode onto my balcony. Birdsong greeted me from the glade of bushes that shades my advanced. A neighbour’s cat regarded up from a morning hunt in a citronella bush, now blooming pink flowers with at onset of spring. Snatches of an animated, however loving dialog in Kaaps floated throughout the electrical fence from our neighbouring advanced. It was 9am on a public vacation and the Friday lay unfold out earlier than me like a big neighbourhood park with a number of good strolling trails. I wandered…

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